NISAU Welcomes You All

A very warm welcome to all!

We are the apex UK organisation representing students, alumni and young professionals of Indian origin. We are an umbrella organisation for India and India-related student societies in the UK and aim to bring a unified voice of India's diaspora youth, on a single, international platform, promote Indian culture and further the UK-India relationship by fostering a dynamic youth-led leadership ecosystem.

Today we collaborate with many governmental and non-governmental organisations, working passionately towards our goal of furthering the UK India relationship through its students and youth. The educational partnership between the two countries is a key pillar of this special relationship. Many Indian students who studied in the UK have gone on to become leaders across many fields, both in India and globally. It is our ambition to make this partnership go from strength to strength and enable an ecosystem that allows for this young Indian diaspora to contribute to India's socio-economic development both when they are studying and/or working in the UK, and when they eventually return to India. Equally we wish to nurture this talented pool of youngsters and enable them to become India's brand ambassadors wherever they go. The world needs to realise the strengths and opportunities in contemporary India, and the young talent of India that goes abroad to study and work is perfectly suited to be its soft power. It is this soft power that we seek to nurture and provide a platform to engage with India in meaningful ways that can allow them to transfer their expertise, best practice knowledge and their creativity. Finally, we also wish to bridge any gaps within the young Indian diaspora itself, regardless of the colour of our passports! NISAU has a pan-UK geographical presence; our affiliate societies can be found across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. We also have a team in India. In 2016, keeping in line with the continuously changing demographic nature of the Indian student community, and our objective of unifying Indian origin youth in the UK, NISAU was rebranded from National Indian Students Union (NISU).

We are completely apolitical and areligious.

Diversity and Inclusion are fundamental core values and as such we respect all religions and faiths and strive towards an even more inclusive society, on all fronts be it religion, gender, sexuality, caste or otherwise orientated. We are not affiliated to any political party in India or in the UK.

As a NISAU member you have access to our incredibly experienced and diverse team of leaders and visionaries, ranging from our Patrons and Honorary Fellows to our Advisors, Executive and National team. So, whatever it is that you seek to discuss — immigration queries, settling in, accommodation, events, careers, culture — or indeed, nation-building and society contribution, get in touch! We aim to protect you, represent you, and nurture you such that you have a fulfilling academic and / or professional life in the UK, and are empowered to contribute to both your country of residence, the UK and your country of origin, India.