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Indian student delegates at UK Parliament sign MOU for progressive, inclusive, sustainable economy

The New Indian Express - EdexLive, 27 August 2020

The oldest and one of the largest student bodies in the United Kingdom, the National Indian Students Alumni Union was recently invited to represent India at the inaugural British South Asian Youth Summit held virtually at the British Parliament. The youth of the UK and the South Asian nations signed a historic Memorandum of Understanding at the Summit after discussions on methods to foster understanding and cooperation between the nations.
The delegation from India was led by Sanam Arora, the Chairperson of the NISAU and she was accompanied by Mohanish Borana, the President, Vignesh Karthik, Head of Thought Leadership, Prachi Dang, the Head of Strategic Communication and Jetal Zala, NISAU Sustainability Lead. The session was chaired by Virendra Sharma, Member of UK Parliament and a member of the House of Commons International Development Select Committee. The British Council and the High Commission of India in London besides other political institutions, third sector organisations across the Asian continent and the UK supported the summit. The other countries that were represented were Afghanistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Maldives, India and Pakistan. ... (Read More)

Indian students important for UK universities

Asian Voice, 13 August 2020

One of the central aspects of the UK-India relationship, despite a complex history, has been the hundreds of thousands of Indian students choosing to study in the UK across centuries. They form a key part of the ‘living bridge’ that continues to quietly shape the future of our two great nations. Despite the populist anti- immigration policy having temporarily dampened the relationship over the last decade, we see renewed vigour...(Read More)

UK group warns against dubious agents, hosts live session for Indian students

Outlook India, 3 August 2020

The National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK (NISAU-UK) said its "#AskNISAU" session over the weekend attracted a virtual audience of over 2,000 prospective students, with queries ranging from job prospects to the coronavirus lockdown impact on UK universities.
Students have increasingly been complaining about receiving misleading/biased information from educational agents, a sector that remains unregulated in India. Notably, NISAU had previously called on the Indian government to appropriately regulate this sector,” the group said in a statement.
“To address students’ ambiguities and apprehensions with credible information in an unbiased manner, NISAU organised the UK’s first-ever session where current students, recent graduates and domain experts responded to students’ queries live in a virtual #AskNISAU session broadcast live on Facebook and Instagram,” it said... (Read More)

How UK student body NISAU is handling the COVID-19 panic among Indian students like a pro

The New Indian Express - EdexLive, 13 August 2020

The outbreak of COVID-19 has left many Indians stranded in various parts of the world, not to forget those inside the country too. The United Kingdom is one of the most preferred spots for Indian students to pursue higher studies and the outbreak has left many students panicking but the National Indian Students and Alumni Union (NISAU) has been doing quite a bit to help the students...(Read More)

UK: 5% of Indian students may defer – survey

The Pie News, 10 July 2020

NISAU’s research was done to show what the impact of Covid-19 has been on Indian students and how it might affect their decisions around coming to the UK to study. The survey was conducted in early June and received 313 responses from Indian students across 20 States and UTs in India. Other key findings were that 80% of respondents said they would not accept their offer if learning for the entire next year moved online...(Read More)

For Indian universities, post-COVID-19 world offers level playing field in higher education; specialist courses, foreign collaborations can help attract students

First Post, 8 June 2020

With over 10.9 lakh Indians studying abroad in 2019, India is now the second largest source of international students in the world. The ‘study abroad experience’ has traditionally been valued for a combination of benefits such as superior educational content, the international living experience, opportunity to create diverse and global networks, job opportunities abroad, and a strong credential to carry on CVs...(Read More)

Indian students trapped in UK by coronavirus 'actually starving'

The Guardian, 1 May 2020

The National Indian Students and Alumni Union says it has received thousands of queries from anxious students “trapped” across the UK, hundreds of whom say they do not have enough to eat. Sanam Arora, NISAU’s chairwoman, says: “A lot of students rely on part-time jobs, and now they have lost them they can’t pay their rent or buy food.” She says there is an atmosphere of panic: “The mental health issues are just flabbergasting. Some students have even threatened suicide.” (Read More)

NISAU working with Indian embassy to help students stranded in UK lockdown due to coronavirus

The Economic Times, 30 March 2020

With thousands of Indian students stranded in the UK with lockdown and travel disruption in both the countries following the coronavirus pandemic, National Indian Students and Alumni Union in UK (NISAU) is one of the organisations that is working with the Indian high commission in London to help them...(Read More)

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