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#AskNISAU - For Incoming Students

To ascertain the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and understand the concerns of prospective students looking to study in the U.K. from Sep 20, NISAU conducted a survey of prospective Indian students and offer-holders to capture the concerns and requirements of Indian students in greater detail. Amongst many interesting findings, some of which have led NISAU to posit a ‘winning partnership’ between Britain and Indian students in coming years, a key finding was that the majority of the students did not feel that they had received clear communication from their universities and expressed concerns about travel and safety. Additionally, students have increasingly been complaining about receiving misleading/biased information from educational agents; a sector that remains unregulated in India. Notably, NISAU had previously called on the Indian Government to appropriately regulate this sector.

To address students’ ambiguities and apprehensions with credible information in an unbiased manner, the NISAU organised the UK’s first ever session where current students, recent graduates and domain experts responded to students’ queries live in a virtual #AskNISAU session broadcasted live on Facebook and Instagram.

The extreme success of the event has organise a regular and unique series of events under the Ask NISAU banner to facilitate peer to peer answers to the queries faced by prospective and incoming students. Students, even before they come to the UK, get to connect with current students, alumni, and subject matter experts to get answers to their queries and unique insights straight from the horse’s mouth.

Sessions include pre-departure briefings, career and educational specific insights in addition to individual query responses.

Further details can be found here.