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Launch of the India Series

With its strong democratic principles, a large and young population and a diverse and rich culture, India has frequently captured the world’s imagination as the 'next big thing'. Indeed, over the last two decades, India has impressed with its strong economic growth, an ambitious space programme and its IT capabilities and infrastructure. But while India has made much progress; many, both within India and outside, believe that it can achieve more. For too long, India has been on the cusp of more dramatic change, but it hasn't made this transition yet.

In this unique series of fireside chats, Dr Kamini Gupta of Kings' Business School and Sanam Arora of the National Indian Students and Alumni Union speak to thought leaders across sectors to explore this paradox between what India promises to become and where it currently is. How can India leverage its unique resources and capabilities to claim its place as a global superpower? How can India lead the world in the next few decades and which areas is it particularly poised to lead in? What are the challenges that have prevented India from fully delivering on its potential and how can we overcome them? What lessons does the Indian experience with business, capitalism, politics and religion hold for other countries of the world?

Going Beyond Discussion

There has been a great increase in the number of webinar-based conversations. These discussions are important and have increased access to expert insights, which can now be heard by audiences across the world. However, we want to take this forward to the next step. The discussions in the India Series will be followed up with actionable outcomes aimed at ushering in sustainable and inclusive development for India. Importantly, we will provide the platform required to enable contributions from audience members and other interested stakeholders. As a webinar attendee you have the opportunity to do more than listen; and contribute more directly if you so wish.

Further details on this can be found here.

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